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There are three rail systems. The Mass Transit Railway (MTR) is a dream: slick, fast, clean and efficient. It runs along Hong Kong Island's northern coastline, and travels beneath the harbour where branches serve Kowloon and Lantau Island. An interchange at Kowloon Tong allows connection to the Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR). You'll know you're near an MTR station when you see this symbol . Trains run from 6am-1am, max. fare for adult single journey HK$26. For MTR enquires, call (852)2881-8888. The Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR) East Rail is a commuter railway that runs from Hung Hom in Kowloon to the mainland China boundary. Most trains terminate at Lo Wu except special express trains to Guangzhou. You'll need a visa and special ticket to travel to Lo Wu Station and into Shenzhen. KCR trains run from 5:30am to 12:25am, max. fare HK$33, KCR enquires : (852)2602-7799. The Light Rail (LR) connects the New Territories towns of Tuen Mun and Yuen Long. The LR runs from 5:40am - 12:30am daily, with fares ranging from HK$4 to HK$5.80. For enquires call (852)2468-7788. Longer-staying visitors or those who ride the MTR, KCR and LR frequently will find the Octopus card, a hi-tech debit card, very useful. Routes of MTR, KCR and LR services are shown on the Map.

Minibuses and maxicabs are small passenger vans that differ by their colour. A minibus has a red stripe. Routes are not always fixed and passengers may get on or off anywhere. Pay as you get off. Small change can be given. Maxicabs have a green stripe, and travel specific routes with fixed prices. Pay as you get on. Exact payment is required. Fares for both are a bit higher than buses, but usually in the HK$2 to HK$20 range.
Peak Train
Take the Peak Tram, which has been amazing travellers for over a hundred years with its steep gradient and breathtaking vistas. A quick way to Hong Kong Island's highest point, this funicular tram (simultaneously ascending and descending car hooked together by huge cable) is not to be missed. For the best view, try to secure a window seat on the right side for the 8-minute ride to the top. This cable railway has been operating since 1888, and climbs the 373 metres to Victoria Peak.

The fare is HK$20 (HK$30 return) on adult and HK$6 (HK$9 return) for children under 12. The tram leaves every 10 minutes from the Garden Road terminus and runs daily 7am - midnight. Bus no. 15C (HK$3 per single journey) runs daily (10am-11:55pm) from the Star Ferry Concourse in Central to the Garden Road Lower Peak Tram Station.

Double-decker and regular buses have their final destinations marked in English and Chinese on the front top panel. Fares are low (usually ranging from HK$1.20 to HK$45), but exact change is required. Drivers generally do not speak much English. Most buses run 6am - midnight. Routes of KMB service can be serach from Map. Hong Kong's bus companies include New World First Bus Ltd, (852)2136-8888, Citybus, (852)2873-0818 and Kowloon Motor Bus, (852)2745-4466.
Often the best choice for short distances, taxis are ubiquitous in major areas and fares are comparatively low (the basic flagfall rate is HK$15 as of June 1, 1998). Many drivers speak some English, but it's wise to have your destination written in Chinese characters. Only Hong Kong dollars are accepted. Receipts are available upon request.

Taxis come in different colours, depending on the area that they are allowed to service; red operate in urban areas such as Hong Kong Island and Kowloon; green in the New Territories; and blue on Lantau Island. All three may serve the Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok on Lantau Island. (See the chart below for further information.)

Taxis are easily hailed from the street, though areas marked with yellow lines are restricted for pick-ups and drop-offs. At peak periods, you might opt for a hotel taxi queue. All taxis are regulated, with drivers required to clearly display their names and car numbers on the dashboard.Taxi drivers are required by law to hand over lost property to the police station as soon as possible in under six hours. Passengers are therefore advised to contact the police should they misplace anything.

The Star Ferry, Hong Kong's most scenic (and inexpensive) mode of travel across Victoria Harbour, celebrated 100 years of service in 1998. The eight-minute ride between Central and Tsim Sha Tsui costs only HK$2.20 and will enchant even the most jaded traveller.

Apart from The Star Ferry (852) 2366 2576, ferry services to outlying islands and other areas in the territory are provided by: Airport Ferry Services Ltd (852) 2987 7351; Discovery Bay Transportation Services Ltd (852) 2987 7351; Fortune Ferry Co. Ltd. (852) 2994 8155; Hong Kong & Kowloon Ferry Ltd (852) 2815 6063; New World First Ferry Services Ltd (852) 2131 8181; Shun Tak Ferries Ltd (852) 2868 4892; Tsui Wah Ferry Service Co Ltd (852) 2527 2513.

Services to Macau are operated by HYFCO Travel Agent Ltd (852) 2516 9581, and Shun Tak ¡X China Travel Shipping Investments Ltd (852) 2859 3333.

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Mass Transit Railway (MTR) Taxis Buses and minibuses Ferries
Peak Tram Kowloon-Canton Railway(KCR) Trams  

Octopus Cards – The Easy Way to Travel
Most public transport requires exact change and that's why we recommend that you get an Octopus card. This electronic stored-value card is just like money and is accepted on most public transport including buses, minibuses, trains, ferries, the Peak Tram, and some taxis. It's even accepted at convenience stores and fast food restaurants. To pay a fare, simply place the Octopus card on the reader located next to the fare box and the fare gets deducted electronically. A new Octopus card includes a refundable HK$50 deposit. Any leftover money is also refunded when you return the card. Ask for it at the Airport Express Customer Service Counters on Level 5 of the Hong Kong International Airport, and the cards are also available at most public transport customer service centres. More>>

Visitor Information & Services Centres

Hong Kong International Airport (at Transfer Area E2 and Buffer Halls A and B)
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Lo Wu
Arrival Hall, 2/F, Lo Wu Terminal Building
8am - 6pm (Hong Kong standard time) daily
Tourist literature and i CyberLink (access to available 24 hours

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